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Your Pharmacist Is:

Pharmacists spend four years studying for a degree, and a further year gaining practical knowledge of medicines and their use. They are registered with the Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain, which ensures they practise to the highest professional standards. As well as being experts on medicines, pharmacists are also trained to recognise and treat minor ailments and give health care advice. Every day more than a million people in Britain put their trust in their pharmacist and ask for advice on health matters and how to choose and use medicines.


Your Local Pharmacy

Your pharmacy is the place to go for:

As well as the place to go for your prescription medicine, your local pharmacy offers a lot more. Other services are available in many pharmacies such as a repeat prescription collection service (and sometimes a home delivery service to elderly and housebound people), quit smoking programmes and pregnancy testing. And your pharmacist can advise you about medicine organisers to help you take your medicines at the right time. You can also find free health care information leaflets, mobility aids and of course, the widest range of non-prescription medicines on sale anywhere.


The pharmacy is run as a partnership between Mr.Atul Shah & Mrs.Sushma Shah. They have both graduated from Chelsea College (Universy of London)and are fully qualified members of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society Of Great Britain (RPSGB).

There are four part time assistants in the pharmacy and two saturday girls.They provide invaluable assistance with dispensing and sales.


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